Missed Photo Opportunities

As a lifelong photographer I have been aware of a disheartening fact for quite a few years – there are many times when I will see a great photo opportunity and will not be able to take the photo.

Sometimes this is due to the location preventing me from getting access, sometimes there is too much traffic to be able to safely get off the road, sometimes it’s time pressure which keeps me from being able to take the time to get the photo, sometimes I have a limited set of equipment with me and – naturally – the lens I need for the photo is not in my equipment bag… There are many, many reasons for missing these photos, and all of them are reasons for regrets and reflections and lessons learned.

Sometimes these are photos that I may be able to take later; other times they are once in a lifetime photos. But it’s usually a bummer to realize that yet another photo has been passed by, adding yet another to my lifelong list of missed photo opportunities.

This evening I was on my way home from photographing life groups for our church, and from the top of an overpass I saw a beautiful sunset directly over a double set of railroad tracks. I did a u-turn as soon as it was legal to do so, went over the overpass to the next u-turn spot, and then back to the top of the overpass. There was a safe place to pull off to the side, but by then the sun was gone…

I’ll try to take that photo over the next couple of nights, and will post it here if I get to take it. But in the meantime there is another photo on my way too long list of missed photos.

What missed photo opportunities are on your list? Were there any that were once in a lifetime photos that are now gone forever?


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