PBIPhoto was founded by a lifelong photographer who grew up in a family of professional photographers in the Southern part of the USA. Palmetto Bay Inc. (PBI) is incorporated in Delaware and based in California and South Carolina.

Passion and fun! These are the attitudes of our award winning photographers and artists. Follow us as we teach photography workshops and lessons to local photography groups, lead photography walks for the public and select groups of photographers, and travel for photography adventures.

Our photographers are free to pursue their art without the restrictions of commercial assignments. Whether capturing images of local beauties or trekking through the lava fields of Hawaii at night, our staff are dedicated to enjoying their creative opportunities.

Community Involvement

We at PBIPhoto believe in community service and free expression of artistic talent as a Corporate foundation. This means that in addition to enjoying exciting photography outings you will find our photographers and artists doing things like:

  • Helping kids take and print digital photos on-the-spot during Arts Fairs
  • Giving free demonstrations and talks to camera and computer clubs
  • Leading free and for-fee photography workshops
  • Leading free photography walks for the public
  • Teaching free photography classes at Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Doing pro bono work for local Chambers of Commerce
  • Actively supporting the Mayors’ Committee On The Arts and similar organizations

All images on this site are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Any misappropriation of images from this site will be litigated under copyright law, including punitive damages and legal fees as allowed by copyright law for registered intellectual property.


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