April 28 2012 Wildlife Preserve Photo Walk


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We led a photo walk at Cosumnes River Preserve in California’s Central Valley today. It was a beautiful Spring day and we had a great group of inquisitive photographers. Even before the walk started we saw turtles basking on a log. … Continue reading

Spring Photo Walk


This Spring will mark the beginning of our 12th year leading photo walks at a local Nature Conservancy wetlands wildlife preserve. Wow, how time flies.

We started out with two photo walk leaders and did the walks every-other month. The walks now have four leaders and several on-call helpers and walks are scheduled every month, with alternating leaders. Our largest group was 64 people, for which we had three leaders and four helpers. That was the largest organized walk this preserve has ever had.

I was just reading some of the feedback from our first walks at this location, and the emails brought back fond memories. Many of our early attendees were volunteers and staff members at the preserve. That has slowly changed to attendees being mostly the public, with about 1/2 of the attendees enjoying their first visit to the preserve. The fact that these walks attract so many new visitors to the preserve is one of our main motivations for doing these specific photo walks. Our photo walks at this location have also attracted reporters from local newspapers and regional magazines. It’s fun reading some of these stories after doing so many of these.

Topics we include in the walks range from photographing waterfowl to wildflowers, why understanding animal behavior enhances photo opportunities, photography equipment questions and demonstrations, to weather preferences for different types of photos.

Here are a few photos from Spring photo walks at the preserve.

Willow catkin

Northern shovelers

Black Phoebe

Blackberry flower buds

Birth of a poppy bloom